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How good’s climate change?

We’ll keep having climate elections until a safer climate wins

Vale Bob Hawke

Even the Labor great’s passing was well done

A disappearing PM

It was the last gig for a one-man band with a very short set list

A bland finale

The election campaign is all over bar the shouting

Don’t look back

The era of Keating and Howard is done

Running on empty

The PM’s one big policy announcement is a dud

Bowen’s bacon

Focusing on the bottom 96 per cent of taxpayers is smart politics

Climate for change

It’s all happening very quickly

Bill Shorten fires up

The Daily Telegraph makes the mother of all mistakes

Double exposure

7.30 and Q&A showed two very different leaders

Smugged by the PM

It’s as though Scott Morrison has something up his sleeve

The Fakebook election

Micro-targetted misinformation is getting around

Dark days for #auspol

Political parties have been infiltrated by racists, sexists and homophobes

Greens bid for relevance

In a climate change election, one party has a clear answer

Shorten keeps on winning

The election coverage is stuck in sideshow alley

Is Morrison’s ‘threadbare’ campaign working?

The government is not even trying on policy