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27 reasons to wonder

Another “win” for Porter in the case that he desperately didn’t want made public

The ghost of Christmas past

Morrison’s attempts at good tidings are little comfort to those who might be in lockdown until the end of the year

Pay as you go

With Morrison, help is gradual and insufficient

A tale of two lockdowns

As some states lift restrictions, the NSW premier is keen to reject comparisons with Victoria

Lockdowns vs vaccines?

Morrison would like to dodge responsibility for NSW’s outbreak, but the solution is not an either/or choice

A dose of her own medicine

Berejiklian’s request for more Pfizer is galling, but it’s in the national interest to grant it

Spins and needles

The PM wants us to take responsibility for the vaccination choices he has left us with

The hardest word

Do Australians want an apology from Scott Morrison?

Three’s a crowd

With three capital cities in lockdown, a trio of major polls shows voters are holding the PM fundamentally responsible

Parks and declarations

The prime minister’s office finds itself uncomfortably close to inappropriately apportioned funding

Pride and precedents

The Morrison government has accepted the error of its ways, so why can’t Berejiklian?

Twin failings

The woman who failed to learn from the past, and the man who failed to plan for the future

The petty and the petulant

Is the Victorian government being “petulant” here, or is it right to gripe about double standards?

Too little too late?

The feds provide more support, but the delay has made this lockdown longer and more expensive

P(fize)R war

Kevin Rudd and the federal government fight for credit over next to nothing

Lies upon lies

The only thing ramping up is the shamelessness of the PM’s falsehoods