The Answers

How Indigenous seasonal knowledge can fight the fires to come

Thousands of years of lived experience informs Indigenous understanding of Australia’s true seasons, offering many advantages over a four-season cycle imported from Europe.

The pandemic response that delivered a lasting legacy

The extraordinary reforms made in the wake of the Spanish flu pandemic show how Australia could use the experience of Covid to benefit future generations.

The Vietnam War revolt that lowered the voting age

At a time when politics is increasingly catering to the interests of older Australians, the push is again on to lower the voting age for the first time since the 1970s.

The anti-smoking playbook to kick gambling out of sport

How do you ban betting ads without bankrupting the sports sector? A 1980s initiative to boot tobacco out of sport shows the way.

The Answers: the motor car pioneers who showed the way for EVs

The transition to electric vehicles faces plenty of obstacles, but they are dwarfed by the challenges overcome in shifting from horse-and-carriage to motor cars.

The stonemason blueprint for work-life balance

The 19th-century struggle for the eight-hour day shows how to secure a four-day working week

The Canadian remedy to Australia’s toxic refugee politics

The private sponsorship scheme that saved hundreds of thousands of refugees – and could reshape how Australians relate to asylum seekers.

Lessons from the suffragettes on ending bathroom inequality

How a campaign to secure female lavatories in the early 1900s offers lessons for bathroom equity issues today.

Could we cut carbon emissions as quickly as we saved the ozone layer?

Australians who helped lead the way in phasing out CFCs reveal how to repeat their success to solve the climate crisis

How protesters defeated Queensland’s ‘Hillbilly Dictator’

The right to protest is under assault - but the resistance against Johannes Bjelke-Petersen shows how to fight back

How Australia eased housing shortages via Operation Snail

The bold postwar scheme that saw new Australians arrive with their homes “on their backs”.

The Answers: does victory in 1967 show how to win the Voice?

Amidst the graveyard of failed referendums, there is one success Voice supporters are turning to for inspiration: a promise to “right wrongs” against Indigenous Australians.