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The art of biography. Image of Patrick White
The Monthly Essays

The art of biography

The author stays out of the picture, and other personal rules of writing
David Marr
Rhodes dollars. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed

Rhodes dollars

The Rhodes Scholarship is slowly embracing diversity
Zoë Morrison
The Monthly Essays

Duterte’s dirty war

A trip to the Philippines reveals the human cost of the war on drugs
Margaret Simons

Malcolm Turnbull: A brief lament

The climate-science champion of 2010 has morphed into the fossil-fuel supporter of 2016
Robert Manne
The Monthly Essays

Green fields and blue sky

Is Nick Cleary’s ambitious CLARA project the answer to Australia’s fast-rail question?
Paddy Manning
Arts & Letters / Books

Looking for moles

The third volume in ASIO’s official history confirms infiltration by Soviet intelligence
David McKnight

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  1. The Nation Reviewed
    Lee Lin’s double life
    Lee Lin Chin’s rise from SBS newsreader to queen of satire
    Benjamin Law
  2. The Monthly Essays
    The second coming
    The politics of rage won’t let us listen to one another
    Christos Tsiolkas
    The second coming. Image of a Trump campaign rally in Michigan
  3. The Nation Reviewed
    Rhodes dollars
    The Rhodes Scholarship is slowly embracing diversity
    Zoë Morrison
    Rhodes dollars. Illustration
  4. The Monthly Essays
    Suffer the children
    Trouble in the Family Court
    Jess Hill
    Suffer the children. © Angela Wylie / Fairfax
  5. The Monthly Essays
    The art of biography
    The author stays out of the picture, and other personal rules of writing
    David Marr
    The art of biography. Image of Patrick White


Feeding  the  beast. Image of the Condamine River on fire
The Monthly Essays
Feeding  the  beast
Billion-dollar burnouts keep emissions rising
Richard Denniss
An island ark. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
An island ark
A cat-detection team is doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island
Nicole Gill
A companionable rooster. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
A companionable rooster
Why are our pets so pampered?
Anne Manne
Grave Barrier Reef. Coral bleaching at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, March 2016
The Monthly Essays
Grave Barrier Reef
The coral bleaching signals a defining environmental shift
Jo Chandler


Is Michelle Guthrie tuned in to the ABC?. Image of Michelle Guthrie
The Monthly Essays
Is Michelle Guthrie tuned in to the ABC?
The new managing director’s vision isn’t clear
Margaret Simons
Get your Wiki on. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Get your Wiki on
Wikiclub NT is raising the Northern Territory’s profile on Wikipedia
Oscar Schwartz
Why Google is a political matter. Julian Assange
The Monthly Essays
Why Google is a political matter
A conversation with Julian Assange
John Keane
Scientists reveal Murdoch’s true nature
Jazz Twemlow


The Medicine
Performance check-up
How should doctors be assessed? And how should they assess themselves?
Karen Hitchcock
The Medicine
Preparations for the storm
How do doctors manage when there are more patients and fewer resources?
Karen Hitchcock
The doctor. Bertram Wainer
The doctor
Bertram Wainer inspired a young Tim Flannery to take on the establishment
Tim Flannery
The Medicine
Precious sleep
Why do we do so little of something so good?
Karen Hitchcock


A game theory. James Lovatt
The Monthly Essays
A game theory
Lovatts Crosswords gave its profits to employees. What went wrong?
Richard Cooke
Bust  in  the  Pilbara. Image of mining workers flying from Perth
The Monthly Essays
Bust  in  the  Pilbara
A region returns to earth
Hamish McDonald
Crunch time. Image
The Monthly Essays
Crunch time
Australia’s car industry has met policy failure head-on
Richard Denniss
The revolting backbench. Illustration
The revolting backbench
Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest obstacle to tax reform is close to home
Richard Denniss


Reading Inga Clendinnen. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Reading Inga Clendinnen
The late historian leaves behind a stunning body of scholarship
Tom Griffiths
The secrets of others. Cover of East West Street
Arts & Letters / Books
The secrets of others
Philippe Sands’ ‘East West Street’ mixes memoir, biography and thriller to explain the origins of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘genocide’
Martin Krygier
The man who never grew up. Image of Roald Dahl in his writing hut
The Monthly Essays
The man who never grew up
The life and legacy of Roald Dahl
Anwen Crawford
The Long Tan dilemma
How should Australians commemorate their battles in other countries?
Mungo MacCallum

Science & Technology

The eureka factory. Image of Xiaojing Hao
The Monthly Essays
The eureka factory
Australia’s solar champions face an uncertain future
Ceridwen Dovey
Dinosaur digger. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Dinosaur digger
Melbourne Museum’s Thomas Rich has devoted more than 30 years to Australia’s polar dinosaurs
Chloe Hooper
The start-up whisperer. Illustration
The start-up whisperer
Just how innovative is the Turnbull government’s innovation package?
Nick Feik
Gut feelings. A scanning electron microscope image of Campylobacter jejuni, a species of bacteria commonly found in animal faeces
The Monthly Essays
Gut feelings
The mysteries of the microbiome
Jo Chandler


New students. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
New students
Welcome to the Collingwood English Language School
Ingrid Laguna
Thinking caps on. Image of Sydney University graduate
The Monthly Essays
Thinking caps on
Where has demand driven our universities?
Thornton McCamish
The student lottery. Illustration
The Medicine
The student lottery
How do we decide who will make the best doctors?
Karen Hitchcock
Living within our platitudes. Illustration
Living within our platitudes
Whatever the politicians say, we can't afford to skimp on education
Don Watson


Fallen angels. © Dave Tacon
The Monthly Essays
Fallen angels
The children left behind by Australian sex tourists in the Philippines
Margaret Simons
The Insult. Statue of a kouros in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens
The Monthly Essays
The Insult
An incurious encounter takes flight
Peter Robb
Spirit of independence. A TPN rebel at base camp in the jungle of West Papua
The Monthly Essays
Spirit of independence
A journey through West Papua
William Lloyd-George
The foundering miracle. Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan addresses the nation about the worsening situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, 25 March 2011
The Monthly Essays
The foundering miracle
Reflections on Japan
Hugh White


Masaaki’s sushi. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Masaaki’s sushi
Join the queue for Tasmania’s most sought-after Japanese
Josephine Rowe
The dining boom. Wine distributors from China visit the Barossa Valley
The Monthly Essays
The dining boom
Australia’s food and wine industry is the next big thing in China
Hamish McDonald
The Nation Reviewed
Degustation Laconic
The language of menus
Aaron Timms
The Nation Reviewed
Gone Walkabout
The last Aussie-themed pub in London
Celina Ribeiro


The perfect cup of coffee
On an island in Nicaragua, a rocky incline stands between Steve Hely and the Holy Grail of caffeine
Steve Hely
‘White Sands’ by Geoff Dyer. Cover of White Sands
‘White Sands’ by Geoff Dyer
Text Publishing; $32.99
Stephanie Bishop
Too upsetting. Illustration
Too upsetting
The boat cruise commentary had everything – except indigenous Tasmania
Bruce Pascoe
Magic and a one-woman show
Taking ‘Stories I Want to Tell You in Person’ to India
Lally Katz

Family & Relationships

The hand of faith. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The hand of faith
In 1980 a giant gold nugget changed the Hillier family’s fortunes
Lisa Clausen
Rough times. © Andrew Quilty / Fairfax Images
The Monthly Essays
Rough times
Homelessness has reached crisis levels in Melbourne and Sydney
Paul Connolly
Geert by sea. Source
Geert by sea
It took two weeks and endless bureaucracy to honour a dying wish
Claire Konkes
Sweet dark purpose. Julia Leigh
Arts & Letters / Books
Sweet dark purpose
Scaling the IVF mountain in Julia Leigh’s ‘Avalanche’
Anna Goldsworthy

Law & Order

Two victims, no justice. Lynette Daley
The Monthly Essays
Two victims, no justice
Ms Dhu, Lynette Daley and the alarming rates of violence against indigenous women
Marcia Langton
Very unusual payments. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Very unusual payments
IBAC investigates the Victorian education department’s failed Ultranet
Catherine Ford
Gardening at Alcatraz. Alcatraz
Gardening at Alcatraz
The notorious island has been a site of incarceration, occupation and, now, “extreme gardening”
Sophie Cunningham
The art of manipulation. Steven Avery
Arts & Letters / Television
The art of manipulation
True crime and entertainment in Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’
Anna Goldsworthy

Indigenous Australia

Seeing visions. Still from Collisions
Arts & Letters / Film
Seeing visions
Lynette Wallworth’s ‘Collisions’ brings virtual reality to the Western Desert
Quentin Sprague
Seeking a settlement. Illustration
Seeking a settlement
How does the reinvigorated treaty movement fit with recognition?
Megan Davis
Mirrors to the landscape. Image of Aaron Pedersen and Alex Russell in Goldstone
Arts & Letters / Film / Television
Mirrors to the landscape
Cultural conflicts in Ivan Sen’s ‘Goldstone’ and the ABC’s ‘Cleverman’
Luke Davies
Chaos in the arts. Illustration
Chaos in the arts
Consultation and transparency are the keys to successful arts policy
Wesley Enoch

National Security

China flexes. Illustration
China flexes
The dispute over the South China Sea will come to affect more than just China’s near neighbours
Michael Wesley
Spies like Oz. ASIO surveillance photograph of the 1968 May Day March in Wollongong
Arts & Letters / Books
Spies like Oz
John Blaxland’s ‘The Protest Years: The Official History of ASIO 1963–1975’
David McKnight
Oil and water. Robert Domm interviews Xanana Gusmão, October 1990
The Monthly Essays
Oil and water
Australia blurs the lines with Timor-Leste
Mark Aarons
Lines in the sand. Mischief Reef, Spratly Islands, June 2015
The Monthly Essays
Lines in the sand
The US and China’s struggle for power in Asia
Hugh White


The gentlemen’s club. Illustration
The Medicine
The gentlemen’s club
Having a baby and having a medical career
Karen Hitchcock
Trans teens. Georgie Stone
The Monthly Essays
Trans teens
When human nature and the law intersect
Jenan Taylor
The Nation Reviewed
Cultural hazards
How do emergency services respond to the LGBTI community?
Jenan Taylor
The Nation Reviewed
A crying shame
Women could use a little of the shameless confidence men take for granted
Annabel Crabb


The Nation Reviewed
Desirable elements
Simon Oxenham has designed some of the world’s greatest skateparks
Jenan Taylor
8972 fans. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
8972 fans
The Newtown Jets rugby league team has a loyal – and increasingly urbane – suburban following
Alex McKinnon
Foot soldiers. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
Foot soldiers
Trackside at a 24-hour ultramarathon
Paul Connolly
The West Coast boys done bad. West Coast Eagles 2006 premiership team
The Monthly Essays
The West Coast boys done bad
Ten years after the Eagles’ 2006 premiership, a culture is laid bare
Martin McKenzie-Murray