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Tuesday, September 1st

How 7-11 is ripping off its workers (multimedia) “The lot of the average 7-Eleven worker in Australia is as simple as it is bleak: you get paid half the $24.50 an hour award rate - or less - and if you complain your boss threatens you with deportation. It’s highly illegal and goes against the Australian tenet of giving people living in this country a ‘fair go’. A joint investigation into 7-Eleven stores by 4 Corners and Fairfax Media has found systemic underpayment of wages and the doctoring of payroll records within the country’s biggest convenience store chain. Politicians, lawyers and regulators all say something should be done to help these exploited and intimidated workers who often are international students. Doctored time sheets and rosters, store financials with possibly understated wage bills, store reviews and explosive documents relating to payroll compliance from head office are further evidence something is deeply rotten within the 7-Eleven Australia empire. Within days of the scandal breaking the company is in crisis and has announced a ‘independent review’ of wages and offered to buy out franchisees.”

The Age