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Monday, February 8th

The Noma way: How Danish superstar René Redzepi created an entirely new restaurant in Australia “Redzepi and his team had spent an accumulated two months in 2015 exploring the corners of Australia, meeting people in the cities and the bush, getting a feel for the continent and grazing on whatever they found. Any ingredients with potential were shipped back to Copenhagen for experimentation. But now there were still more flavors arriving in Barangaroo by air and refrigerated truck every day — bright-orange sea snails, flowers like feather dusters, pinecones the size of babies. It was the test kitchen’s job to decode these unfamiliar ingredients, learn how they tasted raw, fermented, charred, lavished with crocodile fat, rubbed with salt, inoculated with fungi, extracted, churned, dehydrated, pulverized, exploded, and so on. It was less than one month until Noma Australia’s official opening on January 26, and nothing — not even one dish — was done.”

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