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Thursday, August 27th

A murder on live TV “At about six-forty-five this morning, a man stood on a balcony near the Bridgewater Plaza shopping center, near Roanoke, Virginia, and fumbled with his phone and its camera. He set it straight and started to walk toward Alison Parker, a local TV reporter filming an early-morning segment about tourism in the area. About twenty seconds into the man’s footage, a gun appears, as though in a first-person-shooter video game. The man’s hand steadies, and for a few tantalizing seconds it’s hard not to want to scream for Parker, her interview subject, and the cameraman, Adam Ward, to run. But they don’t. You see the man aim—gun in one hand, mobile phone in the other. Suddenly the calm banality of a morning newscast is transformed into a horror. It’s hard to watch. But watch it is of course what many people did. The murder was broadcast live on TV, horrifying viewers trying to catch up on local events in the Roanoke region.” (Also: The US is averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015 and How to respond to the latest mass shooting)

The New Yorker