September 2011

Five thousand New York women march against porn on 20 October 1979. © Bettmann/Corbis


The porn ultimatum

The dehumanising effects of smut

Midday at the Gap View Hotel, Alice Springs, 2006. Image courtesy of Anna Pappas Gallery and the artist. © Jesse Marlow
Geoffrey Robertson has had more than a mere brush with the law. © James Brickwood/Fairfax Syndication

Law and order

Knight in shining Armani

Geoffrey Robertson’s life in the law

"Best friends" George W Bush and John Howard, 8 September 2007. © Mick Tsikas/EPA/Corbis

International politics

How we lost the war

Afghanistan a decade on from September 11

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Aided by Purves Environmental Fund, sculptor Mark Coreth rides his life-sized ice polar bear in Sydney, 3 June 2011. © Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Federal politics

The climate movement

Australia’s patrons of climate change activism

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Riding high

The Toyota HiLux and the tradie’s new world

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Order is everything

The state library of Victoria’s card catalogue

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Triple zero’s emergency

Why dialling ‘000’ may not save your life

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The kid grows up

The kid grows up

Meeting Alex dimitriades

'All That I Am', By Anna Funder, Penguin, 384pp;$29.95


The magic of exile

Anna Funder’s “All That I Am”

Shakespeare in Australia


Shakespeare in Australia

Fred Schepisi’s ‘The Eye of the Storm’

George Grosz, 'Suicide', 1916. Oil on canvas.© George Grosz/VG Bild-Kunst. Image courtesy of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Republic of art

‘The Mad Square: Modernity in German Art 1910–37’

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'Sarah Thornhill', By Kate Grenville, Text, 304pp; $39.95
'Her Father’s Daughter', By Alice Pung, Black Inc., 256pp; $29.95
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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz