Helen Garner’s lockdown diaries, 2021

Notes from Melbourne as the pandemic persists

The orchid eye

The strange and beautiful world of orchids and how they’ve seduced us

A fisherman’s lament

A solo road trip back to harsh realities

The coast road

A daughter’s cross-border journey of memories and grief during the pandemic

The Uighurs of Xinjiang

A visit to Ürümqi’s quieted streets and contested museums

Julian of Norwich

Might challenges to neoliberal orthodoxies emerge from the pandemic, as challenges to Christian faith did after the Black Death?

Rough draught

Keeping up appearances during periods of homelessness

He is risen!

Keeping mum about the Easter Bunny

Three disasters, a wedding and a funeral

Reckoning with family in times of drought, fire and flood


What can children before God learn about parenthood from the Psalms?