Illustration by Jeff Fisher


An open swimmer

How a lockdown whim turned into a discovery of the purifying power of sea swimming

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

There are no words

Finding solace and surprise around a family Scrabble board with a grandmother in decline

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


The woodsplitter

A gruesome accident becomes a family’s touchstone moment of love and resilience

Killer whales swimming alongside small boat


Natural born killers

Trailing orcas on a whale hunt off the Ningaloo coast provides a visceral thrill and good news for the ecosystem

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

The professor’s last lesson

Sudden clarity during and after the final days in aged care of a neighbour with dementia

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Beyond belief

God, the afterlife, and why delusion should be praised and embraced in the modern age

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

War correspondence

Taciturn letters to the author’s family, written by his grandfather on World War One battlefields, prompt consideration of intergenerational trauma

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Three dollars, 25 years and three conversations

The author on the inspiration behind his novel ‘Three Dollars’, and the reception of its neoliberalism critiques by prominent figures

Close up of Robert Adamson's face, in black and white

Days on the Hawkesbury

Remembering the late poet through his writing about fishing on his beloved river

Carrie Tiffany as a child outside a house with her mother

Sweet regret

After the death of her mother, the author reflects on the hold of sugar upon her family’s health and history