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‘John Mawurndjul: I Am the Old and the New’ at the MCA, Sydney

The celebrated bark painter’s ethos guides this retrospective exhibition

‘Colony’ at NGV Australia

Twin exhibitions explore the very different experiences of settlement for European and Indigenous peoples

‘One Hundred Years of Dirt’ by Rick Morton

A social affairs reporter turns the pen on himself

‘Kudos’ by Rachel Cusk

A masterful trilogy concludes

‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Six exquisite tapestries form one of the great works of medieval art

‘Axiomatic’ by Maria Tumarkin

This collection of bracing essays interrogates how we view the past

Zadie Smith’s ‘Feel Free’

In this collection of essays, Smith shines when she’s addressing the personal

Tim Winton’s ‘The Shepherd’s Hut’

One of Australia’s most acclaimed novelists offers a painful and beautiful story of redemption

‘Lady Bird’ directed by Greta Gerwig

The debut director goes home to make a funny, touching film about wanting to leave it

‘The Only Story’ by Julian Barnes

The meticulous novelist takes on the oldest subject there is