The Nation Reviewed

Malcolm Turnbull’s greatest obstacle to tax reform is close to home
By Richard Denniss
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By Nick Feik
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Internet access in jails
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A day at Christmas Island’s Lizard Lodge
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How do emergency services respond to the LGBTI community?
By Jenan Taylor
The language of menus
By Aaron Timms
How can Australia keep its Paris climate promises?
By Bill McKibben
The last Aussie-themed pub in London
By Celina Ribeiro
Nick Schlieper illuminates a Shakespearean tragedy
By Darryn King
Recognition alone won’t fix indigenous affairs
By Megan Davis
Making sense of the adult colouring craze
By Richard Cooke
A welcome to Turnbull and a farewell to slogans
By Don Watson
Following the indigenous seasonal calendar
By Jenan Taylor
Deterrents and resettlement may be the only way to break the asylum-seeker gridlock
By Robert Manne