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The Nation Reviewed

In Sydney, Animal Logic is building a Lego animation empire
By Darryn King
The predictable patterns of Australian politics
By George Megalogenis
Australia has cheerfully grown complacent, self-absorbed and selfish
By Robert Manne
Restricted welfare payments may help in many indigenous communities
By Marcia Langton
To preserve Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne should learn from Sydney
By Tim Flannery
Women could use a little of the shameless confidence men take for granted
By Annabel Crabb
Even tattoos don’t last forever any more
By Alice Pung
Child survivors of the Holocaust meet in Melbourne
By Jaye Kranz
Fancy bottled water is sometimes worth the price
By Richard Cooke
Rugby star David Pocock says sport and politics are always mixed
By Sam Vincent
What modern politicians could learn from Alfred Deakin
By Judith Brett
Behind the scenes of ‘Maximum Choppage’, a new kung-fu comedy
By Benjamin Law
The BARK program at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre sees prisoners taking care of dogs
By Andrew McMillen
The Adelaide Zoo has a chequered past
By Anna Goldsworthy
Rita Zammit is Victoria’s newest Supreme Court justice and a soccer tragic
By Tony Wilson
Our politicians have paltry ideas and express them poorly
By Don Watson
Cultures clash over pipis at Venus Bay
By John van Tiggelen
In gold-rush California, Aussie diggers were unwelcome boat people
By Peter McAllister