the nation reviewed

Return of the devil

Tasmanian devils may soon be returning to the wild on the mainland

The agony and ecstasy

Clinical trials in Perth will study the use of MDMA to treat PTSD and addiction

Roll out the pork barrels

Why politicians love being caught rorting in their electorates

Retreat from Kabul

America’s failure in Afghanistan and its contempt for Australia as an ally


The disordered national vaccine rollout reveals systemic flaws in our politics


Once a male-heavy sport contested by dynastic families, competitive woodchopping is increasingly attracting strong women

Countdown to iBlastoids

Breakthroughs in embryo science may lead to replacement human organs, if we can agree on the ethics

Land of the free

A group of Australian expats is helping Nauru and Manus refugees start new lives in the US

Ignoring the gap

The budget shows that the government is not interested in lifting women out of poverty

Fish out of mortar

Saving Canowindra’s ancient fish fossils