the nation reviewed

Pack mentality

The ‘dog philosopher-king’ who teaches the owners rather than training the pets

A more enlightened deathmatch

Deathmatch Downunder is making wrestling progressive, accessible and inclusive

Koori hearings

The Marram-Ngala Ganbu program is transforming the experience of Indigenous families in court

Voice at a crossroads

Constitutional protection is essential if the voice to parliament is to be a meaningful change

Brain waves

Brain–computer interfaces promise communication capabilities for those paralysed by neurological dysfunction

A reef history of time

The effort to restore Australia’s once-vast oyster ecosystems

Australia’s haunted house

The Brereton Report has wounded Scott Morrison’s efforts to make the Australian War Memorial the nation’s ‘most sacred place’

Intimacy on set

Productions now hire advisers to help performers navigate intimate and violent scenes

Murrandoo’s Burketown

How Murrandoo Yanner’s fight for native title in the Gulf of Carpentaria transformed his Gangalidda home town

Picking losers

There are good reasons why Australians won’t pick fruit