Agenda bender

Society Gender

What shifting notions of sex and gender mean for affirmative action in the workplace

A trip to the doctor

Society Health

A personal experience of how psychedelics are transforming mental health therapies

The end game

Society Law and order

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is slowly dying in a UK prison, as the US maintains its fight to have him die in theirs – but there is hope

Blood lies

Politics Ian Macdonald

An African Australian’s DNA nightmare as faulty science keeps his family separated

On the chain

Politics Immigration

A Victorian abattoir dispute shone a light on a system designed to exploit migrant workers’ hopes and ambitions

To be free

Culture Books

The Booker Prize–winning author on the need to write against the dogmas of conformity

Call for backup

Politics Issues and policies

How authorities lost control of juvenile detention

The new black

Society Economics

The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common

Arrested development

Society Economics

James Packer has been down, but he’s not out

The character business

Culture Books

What does the deluge of political biography and memoir say about politicians and readers?

The art of biography

Culture Books

The author stays out of the picture, and other personal rules of writing

A pox on both your houses


How can the major parties address the rise of populism in Australia?