Tasteful sexuality

Society Media

An oral history of the Warwick & Joanne Capper ‘Penthouse’ shoot

Rising tide

Society Climate change denialism

Dealing with sea-level rise when private property is at stake

The desertification of Australian culture

Culture Arts

How the diminishing government support for the arts is taking its toll

A man who hates women

Society Law and order

The killing of Eurydice Dixon and the sentencing of Jaymes Todd


Culture Books

Jane Austen as reviewed by men on Goodreads

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Culture Music

The life and death of Spiro Boursinos, impresario of rave culture’s pioneering event Earthcore

Blackbirds: Australia’s hidden slave trade history

Society History

The racism that brought Australian South Sea Islanders here, and the racism that tried to send them back

The Morrison election: What we know now

Politics Federal politics

Why did low-income voters turn to the Coalition while wealthy urbanites voted Labor?

The case of the bouncy castle bombings

Society Law and order

An arson spree and a missing party-hire boss

The lie of ‘responsible gambling’

Society Gambling

Australia’s world-beating gambling addiction and the deception hiding it

Family feud

Politics Federal politics

A firsthand view of the nation’s new political faultlines