Up the river

Politics Federal politics

Hope is running dry in the Murray–Darling Basin

The worst form of defence

Society World

New revelations of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan

The changing climate of risk

Society Economics

Financial institutions, investment funds and governments are being held to account over the costs of climate change

Red alert

Politics US politics

After the chaos of Trump’s loss and the Capitol Hill riot, the Republican Party is at war with itself, and the warning signs for America are loud and clear

The bin fire of the humanities

Society Education

Casualisation and relentless cost-cutting have destroyed the credibility of Australian universities

Nightclubs, pandemics and our real selves

Society COVID-19

For some in the disabled community, it wasn’t long after COVID hit that the all-in-this-together sentiment started falling apart

The emperor’s new robe


When four-time mayor Paul Pisasale was jailed for fraud and corruption, ‘Mr Ipswich’ left behind a fractured city ruled for the benefit of developers and mates

The scandals he walks past

Politics Federal politics

In Morrison’s government, a lack of accountability has become systemic

Streeton’s shriek

Culture Art

Alarming revelations about the great Australian painter

In times like these, what would Oodgeroo do?

Society Indigenous Australia

On the influence of Aboriginal poet, activist and educator Oodgeroo Noonuccal

The glass curtain

Culture Music

Classical music’s problem with women

Pale blue dot

Society Science and technology

The myth of the ‘overview effect’, and how it serves space industry entrepreneurs