Masterpieces LATEST


Fashion masterpiece

Romance was born - ‘The Oracle’, 2011


Theatre masterpiece

Tom Wright & Benedict Andrews - ‘The War of the Roses’, 2009


Ballet masterpiece

Graeme Murphy - ‘Swan Lake’, 2002

Video art masterpiece

Shaun Gladwell - ‘Storm Sequence’, 2000

Performance art masterpiece

Mike Parr - ‘Close the Concentration Camps’, 2002

Visual art (three-dimensional) masterpiece

Hany Armanious & Mary Teague - ‘Lines of Communication’, 2010

Brian Blanchflower, 'Canopy LI (Scelsi IV), oils, wax medium, pumice powder, acrylic on laminated hessian, January-May 2001, 221 x 172 cm.LEFT: Full painting. Right: Detail.Collection of the artist. © Brian Blanchflower. Photograph by Robert Frith.

Visual art (two-dimensional) masterpiece

Brian Blanchflower - ‘Canopy LI (Scelsi I–IV)’, 2001

© Chris Harvey

Architecture masterpiece

Lindsay & Kerry Clare - ‘Gallery of Modern Art’, Queensland, 2006

© Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

Design masterpiece

Marc Newson - ‘Qantas A380 Economy Seat’, 2008