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Vanuatu’s Yakel people make their screen debut in Bentley Dean and Martin Butler’s ‘Tanna’
By Luke Davies
Rediscovering the novels of Randolph Stow
By Geordie Williamson
The personal and the political in Tim Winton’s ‘Island Home’
By Tim Flannery
Bloomsbury; $32.99
By Claire Corbett
Fourth Estate; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop
The femaleness of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels
By Helen Elliott
Snowtown director Justin Kurzel takes on ‘Macbeth’
By Peter Conrad
Cold Chisel reconsidered
By Anwen Crawford
Corruption and collusion in Scott Cooper’s ‘Black Mass’
By Luke Davies
Random House; $32.99
By Brenda Walker
Catherine the Great still reigns in the NGV’s ‘Masterpieces from the Hermitage’
By Julie Ewington
‘The Complete Works of Primo Levi’ reveals the Holocaust memoirist’s extraordinary breadth
By Ramon Glazov
Jess Ribeiro’s ‘Kill It Yourself’ and Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’
By Anwen Crawford
Bringing Timothy Conigrave’s ‘Holding the Man’ to the screen
By Steve Dow
Trans. Donald Barry and Stephen Muecke; Reaktion Books; $40
By Amanda Lohrey