Arts & Letters

Still from Black Mirror
Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ is ‘The Twilight Zone’ for our tech-obsessed times
By Luke Davies
Image of Prince
Pop music is more than lyrics on a page
By Anwen Crawford
A poem
By Sarah Holland-Batt
A poem
By Sarah Holland-Batt
Cover of The Lesser Bohemians
Text Publishing; $29.99
By Helen Elliott
Cover of Born To Run
Simon & Schuster; $49.99
By Anwen Crawford
Image of JM Coetzee
JM Coetzee’s ‘The Schooldays of Jesus’ is defined by its strangeness
By Geordie Williamson
Roof detail of the Australian Islamic Centre
The Australian Islamic Centre is notable for what it isn’t as much as for what it is
By David Neustein
Still from Collisions
Lynette Wallworth’s ‘Collisions’ brings virtual reality to the Western Desert
By Quentin Sprague
Still from American Honey
Andrea Arnold’s ‘American Honey’ is an exuberant, if meandering, trip
By Luke Davies
Australian hip-hop artist Tkay Maidza brings a lifetime on the move to her debut album, ‘Tkay’
By Anwen Crawford
Cover of The Good People
Picador; $32.99
By Helen Elliott
Cover of The Island Will Sink
The Lifted Brow; $29.99
By Michael Lucy
Six stories of 100 words
By Paul Connolly
‘Mike Parr: Foreign Looking’ brings the anti-institutional artist to the National Gallery of Australia
By Fiona McGregor
National anthems reflect all the complexities – and oddities – of the countries they represent
By Andrew Ford
Image of Joy Williams
Celebrated short-story practitioner Joy Williams turns to micro fiction in ‘Ninety-Nine Stories of God’
By Barry Hill