Arts & Letters

Cover of City of Crows
Picador; $32.99
By Helen Elliott
Still from Call Me By Your Name
Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a passionate, positive tale of first love
By Luke Davies
Image of Björk
Björk moves towards renewal on ‘Utopia’
By Anwen Crawford
Histories personal and national inform Helen Johnson’s large-scale canvases
By Quentin Sprague
Still from The Greatest Showman
Michael Gracey makes his directorial debut with the Hugh Jackman–starring ‘The Greatest Showman’
By Darryn King
Image of Gerhard Richter, September (Ed. 139)
Gerhard Richter’s GOMA exhibition finds beauty in banality, meaning in the arbitrary
By Sebastian Smee
A poem
By Les Murray
Can a young wartime couple pick up where they left off?
By Anna Goldsworthy
Still from The Deuce
David Simon’s new series shines amid the sleaze of the New York porn industry
By Harry Windsor
Picador; $32.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Image of Drake
The exhausting omnipotence of Drake
By Anwen Crawford
Cover of Radical Technologies
Adam Greenfield’s ‘Radical Technologies’ is an essential guide to the tech revolution
By Scott Ludlam
Image of Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks’ brilliant ideas echo on through ‘The River of Consciousness’
By Kate Cole-Adams
Still from Blade Runner
Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is maddeningly close to a classic
By Shane Danielsen
Fleet; $27.99
By Stephanie Bishop
Allen & Unwin; $32.99
By Helen Elliott
The intangible beauty of The Clientele’s ‘Music for the Age of Miracles’
By Anwen Crawford
Still from mother!
A creative’s mea culpa? An allegory for environmental devastation? Either way, Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’ is an exhausting film.
By Shane Danielsen