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All jokes aside

The Trump impression is just another eggshell for the PM to walk on
Mungo MacCallum
Mayhem. Source


Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull are both regretting their early elections
Mungo MacCallum

Foregone conclusions

The opposition to the Uluru statement is dispiriting and frustrating but predictable
Mungo MacCallum

UK election diary: The London attacks

Labor senator Sam Dastyari, in London for the UK general election, was caught up in the attack on the Borough Market
Sam Dastyari
The Nation Reviewed


Brutalist masterpiece or harbour eyesore? Sydney’s Sirius building faces an uncertain future
David Neustein

A job half undone

Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must be more than just tokenism
Noel Pearson

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  1. The Monthly Essays
    Grandfathering the Australian dream
    House prices, insecure work and growing debts … Who can afford a stake in today’s society?
    Richard Denniss
    Grandfathering the Australian dream. Image of a broken key
  2. All jokes aside
    The Trump impression is just another eggshell for the PM to walk on
    Mungo MacCallum
  3. The Monthly Essays
    Network error
    What will be the cost of a patchwork NBN?
    Paddy Manning
    Network error. Image of a loading icon
  4. The Monthly Essays
    Two nations
    The case for a national disability insurance scheme
    Anne Manne
    Two nations. Community and disability activist Rhonda Galbally with members of the Human Rights Committee for Victoria at Parliament House, Melbourne, June 2005
  5. Comment
    The new Forgotten People
    The wider cost of Australia’s housing affordability crisis
    Judith Brett
    The new Forgotten People. Illustration

Federal Politics

The mythical Menzies

The anniversary of Menzies’ forgotten people speech is a plea by the conservatives to get back to their roots
Mungo MacCallum
The non-existent coup. Source

The non-existent coup

The rumours of Anthony Albanese’s leadership challenge have been greatly exaggerated
Mungo MacCallum
Things don’t always get better. Source

Things don’t always get better

Commentators are wrong to talk about a “Labor-lite” budget
Nick Dyrenfurth

Regulate responsibly

The ban on gambling advertising during live sporting events is welcome and necessary policy
Mungo MacCallum

Rinse, repeat

The Turnbull government loves to announce big new policies, but can’t get any of them to stick
Nick Dyrenfurth

Base power

The energy crisis is all about politics rather than supply
Richard Denniss

New tricks

Why do our political parties persist with economic rationalism?
Don Watson
The Monthly Essays

Wicked problems

What are the real reasons behind the rise and stall of Malcolm Turnbull?
Laura Tingle

Housing divided

The government is more concerned about opinion polls than solving real problems
Mungo MacCallum

International Politics

Once upon a time in America
Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey will jeopardise any future investigation
Robert Manne
American berserk. Illustration
American berserk
Donald Trump’s presidency feels both unprecedented and oddly familiar
Don Watson
The heat is on
Who benefits from Malcolm Turnbull’s deal with Donald Trump?
Mungo MacCallum
Relying on Trump. Illustration
Relying on Trump
Australia needs to rethink its approach to regional security
Hugh White

Issues & Policies

An urgently needed compromise. Source
An urgently needed compromise
The asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru cannot wait for a medium-term solution
Robert Manne
The fighter. Image of Sally McKinnon
The Monthly Essays
The fighter
Sally McManus is the new face of Australia’s union movement
Alex McKinnon
For a rights-based response to asylum seekers. Source
For a rights-based response to asylum seekers
Australia must work towards a medium-term solution
Klaus Neumann, Anne McNevin, Antje Missbach, Damir Mitric and Savitri Taylor
Seeking a workable solution for asylum seekers. © Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Seeking a workable solution for asylum seekers
Robert Manne responds to Klaus Neumann
Robert Manne