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It’s the mandate wot lost it. Source

It’s the mandate wot lost it

Like its predecessors, the Coalition government is still struggling to find a clear direction
Nick Dyrenfurth
The great dominators. Source

The great dominators

Attacking Bill Shorten won’t give Malcolm Turnbull the policy legitimacy he needs
Mungo MacCallum

Old King Coal

The Turnbull government keeps looking to coal to solve the country’s energy issues
Mungo MacCallum

The heat is on

Who benefits from Malcolm Turnbull’s deal with Donald Trump?
Mungo MacCallum

Relying on Trump

Australia needs to rethink its approach to regional security
Hugh White

A big dump

Why is the South Australian government so enthused about a nuclear waste dump?
Richard Denniss

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    Richard Flanagan delivers the inaugural Boisbouvier Lecture
    Richard Flanagan
    Does writing matter?. Image of Nauru
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    This is not ideology
    How can Australia keep its Paris climate promises?
    Bill McKibben
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    Donald Trump and Russia
    Robert Manne
    The Muscovian Candidate?. Source
  4. It’s the mandate wot lost it
    Like its predecessors, the Coalition government is still struggling to find a clear direction
    Nick Dyrenfurth
    It’s the mandate wot lost it. Source
  5. The Monthly Essays
    The second coming
    The politics of rage won’t let us listen to one another
    Christos Tsiolkas
    The second coming. Image of a Trump campaign rally in Michigan

Federal Politics

The character business. Image of Julie Bishop
The Monthly Essays

The character business

What does the deluge of political biography and memoir say about politicians and readers?
Mark McKenna
Australia divided. Illustration

Australia divided

The electorate has fractured into three economic and cultural zones
George Megalogenis
Malcolm Turnbull: A brief lament. Illustration

Malcolm Turnbull: A brief lament

The climate-science champion of 2010 has morphed into the fossil-fuel supporter of 2016
Robert Manne
The Nation Reviewed

Eyes wide open

What does One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts really believe?
Sam Vincent

The mystery of Malcolm Turnbull

What does the prime minister stand for, and when will we find out about it?
Don Watson
The Monthly Today

The disease killing Turnbull’s government

And where it began
Sean Kelly
The Monthly Today

Situation Normal has to change

Parliament must act on donations
Sean Kelly

Playing charades

From the census debacle to the Don Dale scandal, politicians and the public have short memories
Nick Feik
The Monthly Today

Turnbull makes the wrong choice

Question Time kicks off
Sean Kelly

International Politics

Duterte’s dirty war. Prisoners in the holding cells at Tondo police station, Manila
The Monthly Essays
Duterte’s dirty war
A trip to the Philippines reveals the human cost of the war on drugs
Margaret Simons
A democratic moment. Illustration
A democratic moment
Hillary Clinton needs her new progressive agenda as much as America does
Don Watson
Bonfire of  the narratives. Image of Donald Trump
The Monthly Essays
Bonfire of  the narratives
How did American democracy come to this?
Richard Cooke
China flexes. Illustration
China flexes
The dispute over the South China Sea will come to affect more than just China’s near neighbours
Michael Wesley

Issues & Policies

Rough times. © Andrew Quilty / Fairfax Images
The Monthly Essays
Rough times
Homelessness has reached crisis levels in Melbourne and Sydney
Paul Connolly
Feeding  the  beast. Image of the Condamine River on fire
The Monthly Essays
Feeding  the  beast
Billion-dollar burnouts keep emissions rising
Richard Denniss
Culture crisis. Image of Force Majeure’s Never Did Me Any Harm
The Monthly Essays
Culture crisis
The arts funding cuts are just a symptom of a broader malaise in Australia
Alison Croggon
The message was clear. Illustration
The message was clear
Brexit, Trump and the federal election show how the old categories of left and right are crumbling
Richard Denniss