The coward’s pulpit. Image of Scott Morrison at Kirribilli House, July 9, 2021

The coward’s pulpit

Politics / Federal politics

Scott Morrison is a leader who not only fails to accept responsibility but continually abandons his post

Pushback. Image of Senator Mehreen Faruqi


Politics / Racism / Society / Gender / Religion and ethics / Sexism

A senator’s fight against Australia’s racism and sexism

The secret bodgie. Image of Bob Hawke in Sydney on September 10, 1969, having been elected president of the ACTU

The secret bodgie

Politics / History of Australia

What do we make of Bob Hawke’s American mates?

An absence of leadership. Image of Scott Morrison with head obscured

An absence of leadership


Scott Morrison goes missing as the vaccine debate heats up

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The coward’s pulpit. Image of Scott Morrison at Kirribilli House, July 9, 2021

➊ The coward’s pulpit

Scott Morrison is a leader who not only fails to accept responsibility but continually abandons his post

On the chain . Image of Midfield Meat International, Warrnambool, May 2021

➋ On the chain

A Victorian abattoir dispute shone a light on a system designed to exploit migrant workers’ hopes and ambitions

The scandals he walks past. Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison during Question Time, 2020

➌ The scandals he walks past

In Morrison’s government, a lack of accountability has become systemic

Guns for hire. The Academi (formerly Blackwater) camp in the Great Dismal Swamp, North Carolina

➍ Guns for hire

The surprising role of Australians in the rise of private security companies

Federal Politics

The return of the lucky country. Cartoon image of man with head in the clouds

The return of the lucky country

The pandemic has exposed the truth of Donald Horne’s phrase, and the morbid state of our national leadership

She’ll be right, mate. Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison giving the thumbs-up

She’ll be right, mate

On Scott Morrison’s complacency

Ignoring the gap . Image of Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison

Ignoring the gap

The budget shows that the government is not interested in lifting women out of poverty

Playing politics?. Image of Anthony Albanese

Playing politics?

It’s not wrong to call out what went wrong

Roll out the babble. Image of Brendan Murphy, Greg Hunt and Scott Morrison

Roll out the babble

Vaccination logistics are complex, but the government’s failure is in communications

100 days of deception. Image of Phil Gaetjens

100 days of deception

The government’s Higgins cover-up continues

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International Politics

Neighbourhood watch . Image of cover of Laura Tingle’s Quarterly Essay 80, The High Road: What Australia Can Learn From New Zealand

Neighbourhood watch

Australia and New Zealand have distinct approaches to foreign policy, especially when it comes to China

Fever dream

A vision of America in November 2021

Trumpery lives on. Image of an American flag and a Trump 2020 flag

Trumpery lives on

Despite Joe Biden’s historic win, the damage done by the Trump presidency will be hard to snuff out

Enemy of the state. Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Enemy of the state

The dissident Indonesian lawyer charged for tweeting about Papuan activism

Job seeker. Image of Mathias Cormann making his valedictory speech

Job seeker

Scott Morrison wants to launch Mathias Cormann onto the global stage

Choppy waters. Image of Mike Pompeo and Marise Payne

Choppy waters

Australia’s assumption that China will give up its Pacific rivalry with the US is dangerously misguided

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Issues & Policies

Up the river. The Darling River near Pooncarie, NSW

Up the river

Hope is running dry in the Murray–Darling Basin

What elitism looks like

Flagrant conflicts of interest abound at the top

Morrison’s climate flip. Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Morrison’s climate flip

Australia has a lot of catching up to do on emissions reduction

Warrior culture

The allegations of Australian war crimes have shattered the national digger mythology

Robodebt: How did it come to this?

A retrospective of one of Australia’s most disastrous policies

The Corp’s bride. Former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull with a screenshot of Turnbull’s confirmation of signing the petition

The Corp’s bride

Despite a widely supported petition, the government is too scared to take on the Murdoch empire

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