Fire man Sam. Source

Fire man Sam

Dastyari’s China-related missteps have been a gift for Turnbull – one that the PM hopes will keep on giving
Mungo MacCallum

Without America: Australia in the New Asia

Making sense of a new reality and the return of power politics – a Quarterly Essay extract
Hugh White

Nats in the ranks

Turnbull may have an ally in Barnaby Joyce, but the Nationals are a broad church.
Mungo MacCallum

We are all diminished

Australian politics is full of contradictions, double standards and gaping voids
Don Watson
The Monthly Essays


The Turnbull government has burned the bridge of bipartisanship
Noel Pearson
The Monthly Essays

When the politics got personal

Gillian Triggs’ culture shock
Margaret Simons

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  1. The Monthly Essays
    The new era
    Ready or not, China is here
    Linda Jaivin
    The new era. Image of poster in Beijing of President Xi Jinping

Federal Politics

The Bishop? In the cabinet room?. Image of Julie Bishop

The Bishop? In the cabinet room?

Staunching a leak will do little to allay the federal government’s troubles
Mungo MacCallum
Backlash in Bennelong. Source

Backlash in Bennelong

A Liberal-led smear campaign will only make Kristina Keneally a bigger threat to the government
Mungo MacCallum
A travesty of process. Illustration

A travesty of process

The same-sex marriage survey sets a dangerous precedent
Judith Brett

Bob Hawke, we miss you

In retrospect, the Hawke years seem something of a golden age.
Mungo MacCallum

‘Socialist’ Shorten and the small businessmen

The government is becoming increasingly desperate to paint Labor as a poor economic manager
Mungo MacCallum
Arts & Letters / Books

Success dogged him

Judith Brett’s ‘The Enigmatic Mr Deakin’ is a skilful portrait of Australia’s second prime minister
Mark McKenna

Canberra needs a watchdog

Who is keeping an eye on our federal politicians?
Richard Denniss

Leader’s block

How can Turnbull overcome the Coalition’s ongoing poll woes?
Mungo MacCallum

He will never stop

Tony Abbott seems determined to wreck the clean energy target
Judith Brett

International Politics

Trump and Russia: a guide for the bewildered
A fuller story of relations between the Russian government and the Trump campaign is only now coming to light
Robert Manne
The handshake. Illustration
The handshake
Could Donald Trump finally force Australia to critically examine its feudal obligations to the US?
Don Watson
UK election diary: The London attacks
Labor senator Sam Dastyari, in London for the UK general election, was caught up in the attack on the Borough Market
Sam Dastyari
Once upon a time in America
Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey will jeopardise any future investigation
Robert Manne

Issues & Policies

The unflappable Finkel. Illustration
The Nation Reviewed
The unflappable Finkel
Australia’s chief scientist talks energy alternatives and trying to elevate the narrative
Anna Krien
Business as usual on same-sex marriage. ABC News
Business as usual on same-sex marriage
There will be no resolution until Turnbull deals with his conservatives
Mungo MacCallum
Rejection of the Uluru statement reveals the real Turnbull. ABC News
Rejection of the Uluru statement reveals the real Turnbull
The arguments against an Indigenous voice to parliament simply don’t stack up
Mungo MacCallum
Euthanasia, like same-sex marriage, is a decision for the parliament. ABC News
Euthanasia, like same-sex marriage, is a decision for the parliament
There is a stark difference in how the Victorian premier and the PM approached their respective hot-button issues
Mungo MacCallum