Friday, 19th October 2012


The vote was expected to be close, but in the end Australia romped it in. 

It's an important win: a two-year seat on the UN Security Council is not only a diplomatic triumph for the government, but also a vote of confidence in Australia as a 'fine global citizen', as Bob Carr put it.

Kevin Rudd, who initiated the campaign, offered his congratulations to everyone involved, including Gillard. The Prime Minister's own statement neglected to mention Rudd, which will likely be seen as needlessly provocative – or perhaps payback for his tendency to step back into the public spotlight each time she goes overseas. (Update: Gillard thanked Rudd at her midday press conference)

Tony Abbott, despite being a possible beneficiary of the win, was begrudging: "It was an expensive win and I think it probably owes as much to Kevin Rudd as to Julia Gillard, but nevertheless a win’s a win,” he said. 

It will be up to this government and the next to make the most of this rare opportunity. The new members' first job will be to try to negotiate a way through the current stalement over Syria. Welcome to the world of the Security Council.

(BREAKING: SA Liberals Call Spill Against Isobel Redmond)

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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Australia Wins UN Security Council Seat In ‘Unequivocal’ Vote

"Foreign Minister Bob Carr has described Australia’s win in the hotly-contested campaign for a UN Security Council seat as 'unequivocal' after the country upset rivals Luxembourg and Finland. In voting at the UN in New York early Friday morning AEDT, Australia picked up 140 votes from the United Nations General Assembly to secure the seat ahead of Luxembourg with 128 votes and Finland with 108."

How Australia Can Wield Power at The UN Head Table

"For a country like Australia, a two-year term on the Security Council is no small thing. It has previously happened only four times. But running a campaign for the Security Council – as complex and entrepreneurial as that is – is very different to actually being a successful non-permanent member.

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