Thursday, 18th October 2012


Here's a good news story: the carbon tax is working.

As Lenore Taylor writes, "the carbon tax has helped drive a sharp fall in the carbon emissions of Australia's power generation as coal-fired stations are closed, mothballed or sell less into the electricity market."

Emissions are down 6.3 percent, compared to the same 3-month period last year.

"This," said Adam Bandt, referring to the policy effect, "is why I entered parliament." Kudos where it's due.

The bad news story, not reported today, is that Australia is exporting greater and greater quantities of coal, and the resulting emissions dwarf any local reductions – but it is hoped this issue will be raised another day.

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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Power Pollution Plunges

"The carbon tax has helped to drive a sharp fall in the emission intensity of Australia's power generation as coal-fired stations are closed, moth-balled or sell less electricity… Compared with the same three months last year, the decline in emissions was about 6.3 per cent, after seasonal differences are ironed out."


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PM Seals Uranium Deal With India

"Australia and India will begin negotiations on a safeguard agreement to allow uranium sales to India as part of a deal struck overnight. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh praised Labor's change of policy which allowed potential uranium sales 'as recognition of India's energy needs as well as our record and credentials'."

Adviser Seeks $220bn Privatisation To Pay For New Infrastructure

"More than $200 billion of 'lazy' assets owned by the federal and state governments should be sold to plug the nation’s infrastructure gap, reduce debt and lift productivity, according to the Gillard government’s top infrastructure adviser. A report from Infrastructure Australia out today identifies 82 profit-making government assets that could be sold relatively quickly – in some cases within a year – and without big regulatory changes."

Diplomacy 101: Tow Back Plans Get The Silent Treatment

"There are a number of ways to interpret Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's failure to raise his asylum seeker 'tow back' proposal in his meeting with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, but none of them are positive. In short, the 'tow back' proposal was and, in so far as it continues to be defended by Opposition speakers, remains a policy disaster."

Obama Finally Fights — And Wins

"With the opinion polls turning against him and many of his supporters on the verge nervous breakdown, Obama desperately needed to put in a strong performance, and he did… From the very first question, which was about how to create jobs for college graduates, he went on the attack, not even bothering to follow his opponent’s lead and thank Hofstra University, the Commission on Debates, or anybody else. This was a President on a mission, with no time for diplomatic niceties."