Friday, 24th January 2014


Prime Minister Tony Abbott delivered his keynote address to the leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos overnight.

It would surprise few that he urged nations to abolish protectionism and said competitiveness, free trade and encouraging business were the best way to ensure growth and jobs.  

But he couldn't resist departing from the song sheet on one point.

Defying the long-standing protocol that politicians shouldn't use overseas trips to make domestic political comments (one re-stated by Abbott himself in April last year), he regaled the world's leaders with a tune that would be familiar to Australian audiences: Labor's stimulus spending in response to the GFC had not only been misguided, he said, but had also undone the good work of the Howard government. He likened his predecessors to "addicts in search of a fix" when it came to spending. 

"But after the recent election, Australia is under new management and open for business." Which must have been pleasing to those who thought Australia had been closed for business since 2007/8. 

Earlier at the talk-fest, Abbott stated that Australia would make the most of its presidency of the Brisbane G20 summit, in November, to promote free trade.

"It won't simply be," he warned, "just another international talk-fest."

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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Tony Abbott urges world leaders to prioritise growth and free trade

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