Thursday, 14th February 2013


For the second time in a week, the Daily Telegraph features a big exclusive about Opposition plans for nation-building. In this case, the 'leak' is a draft discussion paper on water management, involving the building of up to 100 dams around the country, "to prevent floods, fuel power stations and irrigate a food boom to feed 120 million people across the Asia Pacific region."

Like the pamphlet about developing Australia's north last week, these policy proposals are uncosted and entirely lacking in detail, but the message is clear: The Coalition has Big Plans for the Nation.

This is the way the game is likely to be played this year: the Opposition will float policy ideas, create impressions but commit to nothing. The viability of such massive infrastructure projects, and the ability to finance them under current budgetary conditions, will remain largely unexamined. 

It is a very effective form of politicking.

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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Tony Abbott’s Bold Water Plan Leaked

“Up to 100 dams could be built across the country to prevent floods, fuel power stations and irrigate a food boom to feed 120 million people across the Asia Pacific region, under plans being considered by Opposition leader Tony Abbott.”

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“Gathered on one side of the cabinet table were the newly-installed Prime Minister Julia Gillard, her Treasurer Wayne Swan and her Resources Minister Martin Ferguson. On the other were the heads of Australia's three big mining companies: BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata. Absent were the key people from the Treasury - the ones who really understood the tax.”

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Leaders Surprise With A Rare Warmth

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