Monday, 29th April 2013


In the traditional pre-budget bad news drop, Prime Minister Gillard will today reveal a $12 billion hole in tax revenue.
Back in December, the government was still insisting it could deliver a surplus based on the anticipated tax take. But if it was questioned before, it's been proven now: the nation's tax base has still not recovered from the GFC, and shows no sign of repairing itself.
Anyone expecting today's news to provide an opening to talk seriously about tax will be disappointed though. (You'll have to read Judith Brett instead.)
Gillard's key message today is that she intends to push ahead with the NDIS and Gonski funding reforms, regardless of the budget position. It's a counterintuitive tactic by the government: the talk of more spending plays straight into the hands of the Opposition, which is of course pushing the line that Labor's spending is out of control. But the hole in this budget is from reduced revenue, not spending.
Labor's leadership, employing anti-austerity rhetoric, has evidently decided that anything is better than addressing the revenue gap in the lead up to the election. The "new economic reality" is being mugged by political reality.

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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