Tuesday, 23rd April 2013


Christopher Pyne, the Opposition's education spokesman, has told Sky News that a Coalition government would review the national curriculum because it didn't give enough prominence to ANZAC Day.

He also attacked the current curriculum for presenting a 'black armband' view of history, and putting Aboriginal and multicultural commemoration days alongside ANZAC Day in terms of historical importance.

This follows Pyne's earlier insistence that the education funding model is fine as it is, and that the real problems with education in Australia are teacher quality and education 'values'. Considered alongside Tony Abbott's hints that a Coalition government would not follow through on the Gonski-related funding increases, their education priorities are becoming clear.

On a related note, the Coalition appears to be leaning towards retired soldier Peter Cosgrove as its choice for the next Governor-General. Cosgrove is currently appearing on TV screens exploiting the ANZAC myth in beer advertisements. He's clearly not the only person to see the benefits of re-packaging history.

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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Libs Reignite Culture Wars Over Anzac Day Teaching

“Retired top soldier Peter Cosgrove has emerged as the man most likely to replace Australia’s first female governor-general under a future Coalition government intent on putting the Anzac tradition above indigenous history.”

Also: NSW first on board with Gonski, The Australian

Tax Rise Won’t Hurt Companies: Abbott

Many big businesses will benefit from a small increase in company tax under a Coalition government because they will be able to abandon their own in-house paid parental leave schemes, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.”

Farewell To Good Times, Something’s Gotta Give

“The bottom line is that something’s got to give. Australia cannot continue this level of spending with this level of revenue. Excluding east Asia, our government spending is already the second-lowest in the Western world, behind only Switzerland. Both tax rises and spending cuts will be needed to get our budgets back in balance.”

Austerity Dogma Goes Down The Debt Hole

“If Australia had the fiscal and government financial position of the average of the European countries, the budget deficit would be around $60 billion this year having averaged around $85 billion in the prior three years. Net government debt would be around $1.275 trillion, not the $155 billion currently estimated for 30 June 2013.”

The Morgan Poll – Coalition Lead Cut

L-NP 54.5% (down 1%) lead down for third consecutive week over ALP 45.5% (up 1%). Last weekend’s multi-mode Morgan Poll shows support for the L-NP down to 54.5% (down 1% since April 11-14, 2013) cf. ALP 45.5% (up 1%) on a two-party preferred basis.”