Friday, 19th April 2013


Federal Coalition spokesman Christopher Pyne announced this morning that the Liberal Party may change its same-sex marriage policy to allow a conscience vote in the next parliament.

Barry O'Farrell has declared his support for same-sex marriage and urged his federal colleagues to get behind it.

Tony Abbott has made it clear he personally doesn't support it, but the Liberal party room may decide to allow a conscience vote nevertheless.

The winds are shifting on the issue. The passing of legislation in New Zealand, along with the standing ovation and singing that followed, again demonstrated this.

Watching from Australia, ALP strategists likely realised that they have missed a golden opportunity. The government's support of same-sex marriage has been lukewarm until now. A private members' bill was put up to Parliament last year, but (subject to a conscience vote and Coalition opposition) it was always destined to fail.

Marriage equality is official ALP party policy. Perhaps it's time to make it government policy.

Nick Feik
Politicoz Editor

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