March 2011

The Cypherpunk Revolutionary


The Cypherpunk Revolutionary

Julian Assange: the unknown story

Sarah Palin "reloads" at a campaign rally in Anchorage, Alaska, 2010. © John Moore / Getty Images

International politics

The Fox News show

Rupert Murdoch’s populist creations

Police officer Gwen Brown watches over the community in Ali Currung, Northern Territory, 2007. © Chris Crerar / Newspix / News Limited

Issues and policies

Hard times

Life after the intervention

The Nation Reviewed  Right arrow

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

State politics

NSW Labor

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


The devil within

Christian Democratic Party member Peter J Madden

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.

Science and technology


Food technology and the manufacture of flavours

Illustration by Jeff Fisher.


Cannibal cookery

Channel 7’s ‘My Kitchen Rules’

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Margaret Scott, pictured here in 1994, was a pioneer of Australian ballet and became the first director of the Australian Ballet School in 1964. Courtesy of the National Library of Australia. © Angela Lynkushka


Maggie’s war

A chapter in the life of ballet legend Margaret Scott

Yongle Emperor, of the Ming Dynasty, shown in the Dragon Chair. The original hanging scroll is held at the National Palace Museum, Taibei. © Wikimedia Commons


Cry freedom

Niall Ferguson’s ‘Civilisation: The West and the Rest’

Stanley Melbourne Bruce in the early days of his prime ministership, c. 1923. © Newspix/News Limited


Balancing acts

David Lee’s ‘Stanley Melbourne Bruce’ and David Bird’s ‘JA Lyons’

Economies of scale

Economies of scale

Peter Weir’s ‘The Way Back’ and Leon Ford’s ‘Griff the Invisible’

Noted  Right arrow

'How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism' By Eric Hobsbawm, Little, Brown, 480pp; $55.00
'The Many Worlds of RH Mathews: In Search of an Australian Anthropologist' By Martin Thomas, Allen & Unwin, 472pp; $59.99
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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz