September 2023

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Climate Change

The summer ahead

The climate disasters unfolding in the northern hemisphere are a sign of what’s in store here, as governments fail to act on the unfolding emergency

The summer ahead
Demographics and the Voice


Demographics and the Voice

What past referendums tell us about the Voice to Parliament’s chances, and the political risk of the Coalition’s opposition

Science fiction in university labs?

Science and technology

Science fiction in university labs?

The case of UNSW and an “anti-cancer superdrug” highlights issues with self-regulation in universities about what constitutes research misconduct

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Image of Parliament House, Canberra, under storm clouds

Federal politics

Robodebt and the life of Canberra staffers

Does the extreme pressure put on Canberra’s overworked political staffers fuel tragedies such as robodebt?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Asylum seekers

Refuge for queer asylum seekers

The community groups helping asylum seekers who have fled persecution based on sexuality or gender identity

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Revert to type

How the pursuit of a vintage typewriter led to digitally disconnecting in ways beyond the clacking keys

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Wee of fortune

The history of Melbourne’s public toilets, from cast-iron pissoirs to robo-dunnies and the National Public Toilet Map app

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The Vox Owl

The woodsplitter

A gruesome accident becomes a family’s touchstone moment of love and resilience

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Writers Guild of America protest in New York, May 10, 2023


Workers’ singularity: AI and the future of art and labour

The Hollywood writers’ strike has put a spotlight on the impact artificial intelligence may have on artistic endeavour

Detail of the cover of the first issue of The Phantom, published September 1948


Purple reign: The 75th anniversary of ‘The Phantom’

The longevity of the world’s first costumed superhero reflects an Australian publishing success story

Bhavin Rabari in ‘Last Film Show’


Major minors: ‘Last Film Show’ and ‘Scrapper’

Feature films from Pan Nalin and Charlotte Regan tell stories of children whose difficult circumstances don’t deprive them of community and love

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Cover image of ‘Fraud’


Zadie Smith’s ‘The Fraud’

The acclaimed English writer’s latest book employs its 19th-century setting to interrogate the form of the novel

Courtney Barnett’s ‘End of the Day’


Courtney Barnett’s ‘End of the Day’

A sparse instrumental album from the Australian singer-songwriter, drawn from the soundtrack to the biographical documentary ‘Anonymous Club’

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Flowers being watered

‘May condors never land on your tongue’

A quizzical line from the author’s father has always reminded him of the importance of playfulness, whatever one’s age