September 2019

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Howard’s Heir: On Scott Morrison and his suburban aspirations

How the PM’s ‘Quiet Australians’ echoes Howard’s battlers and Menzies’ ‘Forgotten People’

Howard’s Heir: On Scott Morrison and his suburban aspirations
All Tomorrow’s Parties


All Tomorrow’s Parties

The life and death of Spiro Boursinos, impresario of rave culture’s pioneering event Earthcore

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Graham Freudenberg

Federal politics

A time to remember

The passing of Labor’s great speechwriter Graham Freudenberg highlights the party’s absence of a clear rationale


Child abuse

The Newcastle trial of Graeme Lawrence

The second most senior churchman in Australia to be found guilty of child sexual abuse



Spiralling admissions

Victoria’s royal commission hears stories of a dysfunctional, under-resourced mental health system


Family and relationships

Safety net

The security business partnering with domestic violence services to help women and children escape abuse



On the beaches

Luke Cornish’s Border Force mural at Bondi Beach comes under attack

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The Vox Owl


Jane Austen as reviewed by men on Goodreads

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Image of ‘Sex in the Brain’


Our largest sexual organ: Amee Baird’s ‘Sex in the Brain’

We know surprisingly little about how our brains orchestrate our sex lives

Image from ‘The Nightingale’

Tasmanian torments: Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Nightingale’

The Babadook director talks about the necessity of violence in her colonial drama

Detail of Yanni Florence photograph


Losing yourself

How can we be transformed by music if online platforms mean we will always remain ourselves?

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Image from ‘Lambs of God’


‘Lambs of God’

Director Jeffrey Walker blends ripe melodrama and Gothic thriller in his TV series about three wayward nuns

‘Here Until August’


‘Here Until August’ by Josephine Rowe

The Australian author’s second short-story collection focuses on the precipice of change rather than its culmination

Image of ‘The Godmother’


‘The Godmother’ by Hannelore Cayre

A sardonic French bestseller about a godmother, in the organised crime sense of the word

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Senator Matt Canavan or Yowie?
In light of recent events