September 2013


Why Australia hates asylum seekers

Our governments and press have demonised boat people for 15 years. Organisations like the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre worry they’re fighting a losing battle.

Mal Brough crashes through

Having survived political scandal and shrugged off the opprobrium of colleagues and rivals alike, the would-be federal member for Fisher accepts no limits to his ambition.

The Nation Reviewed

Australian Politics

The all-purpose election victory speech

A heartfelt, intensely personal oration to be delivered by the winner of the election, whoever it may be.

Murdoch’s war on Labor

Rupert Murdoch is spending the last of his credibility on an anti-ALP propaganda campaign

Western Sydney

Sydney’s border insecurity

In the housing developments of western Sydney, politics itself has been wiped off the map


Andrew Wilkie’s re-election campaign

The member for Denison faces a tough fight to retain his seat, but the soldier turned whistleblower turned Green turned independent has never been a man to write off easily

Tony Abbott

Why the Tories want Tony Abbott to lose

British Tory PM David Cameron is struggling to drag his party into the 21st century. The last thing he needs is an overseas victory from an unreconstructed conservative like Tony Abbott


The art of dodging political gaffes

On the campaign trail, the modern politician is utterly dependent on advancers, the stage managers with an eagle eye for potential embarrassments

Elisabeth Murdoch’s gardener

Michael Morrison began tending the garden at Cruden Farm 42 years ago. His boss died last year, but his work continues


The Vox Owl

Christopher Pearson remembered

An elegy to the much-loved (and much-reviled) conservative columnist

Arts & Letters

Jim Sterba’s 'Nature Wars'

Plagues of bush turkeys! Kangaroo hordes! Have efforts to conserve native animal populations gone too far.

Book review

Alex Miller's 'Coal Creek'

  In thrall to Queensland’s stone country, Miller’s latest novel draws deeply from his past.

New York's Museum of Mathematics

The newly opened museum sets out to make maths geeks of us all.

Pop music

Cyndi Lauper at 60

Thirty years on, the pop maven’s classic album She’s So Unusual still thrills.

Giuseppe Tornatore's 'The Best Offer' and Kim Mordaunt's 'The Rocket'

Even a masterful turn by Geoffrey Rush can’t save Tornatore’s doleful latest, while a modest Laotian parable charms.