October 2019

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Law and order

A man who hates women

The killing of Eurydice Dixon and the sentencing of Jaymes Todd

A man who hates women
The desertification of Australian culture

The desertification of Australian culture

How the diminishing government support for the arts is taking its toll

Rising tide

Climate change denialism

Rising tide

Dealing with sea-level rise when private property is at stake

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Possession Island (Abstraction)

Indigenous rights

No time for the meek

Keeping faith with the Uluru reforms



Seven monuments to Coranderrk

The art project marking the boundaries of the Yarra Valley’s historic Aboriginal station



Broome’s bushman astronomer

Greg Quicke’s mission to help people understand the stars



A traditional landscape

The UAE hosts a rare public exhibition for the colossal native title painting ‘Ngurrara Canvas II’

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The Vox Owl

Tasteful sexuality

An oral history of the Warwick & Joanne Capper ‘Penthouse’ shoot

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East Melbourne liturgy
The Monthly Awards 2019

The Monthly Awards 2019

Highlights of the year in Australian arts and culture

Patricia Cornelius


Patricia Cornelius: No going gently

‘Anthem’ marks the return of the Australian playwright’s working-class theatre

‘Penny Wong: Passion and Principle’


‘Penny Wong: Passion and Principle’

Margaret Simons’ biography of one of the country’s most admired politicians

Action Comic cover


Len Lawson: Australia’s most infamous comic artist

The tragic story of the creator of the Lone Avenger

Still from Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’


No one’s laughing now: Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’

A gripping psychological study of psychosis offers a surprising change of pace in the superhero genre

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‘Act og Grace’ cover


‘Act of Grace’ by Anna Krien

The journalist’s propulsive debut novel tackles the aftermath of the Iraq War

‘The weekend’ cover


‘The Weekend’ by Charlotte Wood

The Stella Prize–winner returns with a stylish character study of women surprised by age

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What to climb next
In light of recent events