October 2014


State of the arts

How the Abbott government is funding a high-culture war

Family and relationships

Mother courage

At home with Rosie Batty

Island time

A trip through the Torres Strait to see the Coming of the Light festival

Dr Graham’s patented elixir

Gene silencing, miracle cures and Balmain’s biggest biotech company

The Nation Reviewed

Kevin Rudd

Kelly country

Contesting Paul Kelly’s ‘Triumph and Demise’

She’ll be cactus

In central Victoria, locals are taking up arms against the invading wheel cactus

Classical music

A little foyer music

The chimes they are a-changing at the Sydney Opera House

Pierre Ryckmans

Remembering a man of letters, and a friend


The Vox Owl

The good story

Truth, fiction and psychotherapy

Arts & Letters


The best of Australian arts 2014

Critics give their picks for the year’s top ten

Shaped for good purpose

From stick insects to swagmen in Don Watson’s ‘The Bush’

Majesty and burning

A century of Dylan Thomas

The artisan

‘The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier’ at the National Gallery of Victoria

Kelpie blues

Laura Jean’s ‘Laura Jean’ finds the Melbourne singer-songwriter finally feeling at home


A journey through time and mind in Hugh Sullivan’s ‘The Infinite Man’


Book reviews

‘The Political Bubble’ by Mark Latham

Macmillan Australia; $32.99