October 2012

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The Mailman express

An actress on a roll

The Mailman express
© Andrew Taylor/Reuters

Tony Abbott

Junk politics

The pursuit of character over substance

Major-General John Cantwell (CENTRE) in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, in 2010. © Brent Tero/ISAF Media
'Echo and Narcissus' (detail), 1903, John William Waterhouse

Echo Chamber

Confessions of a graphomaniac

Lucas Stibbard in 'Boy Girl Wall'. © Al Caeiro


Boy Girl Roadie

Have play, will travel

George Rrurrambu from Warumpi Band (R) and Marcus McDonald (L), Papunya, 2003. © Steven Siewert/Fairfax Syndication


Desert Songs

Thirty years of Australia's hidden hit parade

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Roy Henry Tipiloura votes in Arnhem Land. © Glenn Campbell/Fairfax Syndication

Indigenous rights

Comment: It’s a knockout

How the Aboriginal vote won the NT election


In it together

Australia and Indonesia since the Bali bombings

Criminal justice

Lost cause

Defending the indefensible

Jack’s a ripper

Melbourne Museum's bowerbird artist


Doctor’s orders

Sex surrogacy cleans up at Sundance

The master

Happy birthday, Bernie McGann

Richard Dawkins

The big nothing

Lawrence Krauss and arse-kicking physics

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The Vox Owl

Leaving 'Tracks' behind

A postscript to a famous Australian journey

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Illustration by Jeff Fisher.
Composer Brett Dean © Pawel Kopczynski
The Pigram Brothers. © Helen Jedwab
'Of Mice and Men', Opera Australia, 2011. © Branco Gaica
'Gemini', The Australian Ballet, 2012. © Jeff Busby
'Persona', Fraught Outfit, 2012. © Pia Johnson
'One to One', Callum Morton, 2011. © John Brash
RMIT Swanston Academic Building, Lyons Architects, 2012. Image supplied.
Plain tobacco packaging, Australian Government, 2012. Image supplied.
'Hail', Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2011. Image supplied.
Patrick White at Cambridge in the early 1930s. National Library of Australia
'The Voyage', Murray Bail, Text; $29.99


Bringing it Home

Murray Bail's 'The Voyage'

The Museum of Innocence, Istanbul. © Tolga Bozoglu/Corbis


The novel lives

Visiting Orhan Pamuk’s 'Museum of Innocence'

Jeffrey Smart, 'Self Portrait at Papini's', 1984-5, oil and acrylic on canvas, 85 x 115 cm, private collection. © Jeffrey Smart


Smart guy

Jeffrey Smart

Claude Debussy, c.1900. Photo: Pierre Louys. © Adoc/Corbis
Amy French, Kumpaya Girgiba and Miriam Atkins in front of French and Lily Long's 'Karlamilyi'. © Fremantle Arts Centre

The logic of water

Meeting the Martu artists of the East Pilbara

The freewheelin' Alex Gow. Image supplied.

Slurring and Purring

Oh Mercy’s 'Deep Heat'

The games of men

The games of men

Andrew Dominik's 'Killing Them Softly'

Brett Whiteley painting Francis Bacon's portrait, London, 1984. Photograph by John Edwards. Image courtesy of Art Gallery NSW.


Remembering Australian painters

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'Montebello', Robert Drewe, Hamish Hamilton; $29.99
'Questions of Travel', Michelle de Kretser,
Allen and Unwin; $39.99
'Silent House', Orhan Pamuk, Hamish Hamilton; $29.99
'Lore' by Cate Shortland (director)
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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz