November 2018

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Looking for Scott Morrison

The rise, duck and weave of Australia’s no-fault prime minister

Looking for Scott Morrison
I left the immigration department to speak out

Federal politics

I left the immigration department to speak out

An insider breaks ranks on offshore detention

A new theory of cancer


A new theory of cancer

After billions spent for little benefit, it’s time to look at the disease in a different way

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Indigenous Australia

Free speech has never been ‘free’

The idea that all opinions should be ventilated is misguided



APEC comes to PNG

Shipped-in Maseratis and single-use venues are a world away from real life in Port Moresby


Family and relationships

Life in a coroners court

Meet those who speak for the dead to protect the living



Saving Jabiru

What happens when a Northern Territory town reaches its mandated expiry date?

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The Vox Owl

A woman walks alone at night

On freedom and creativity, limitation and control

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Image of Eddie Perfect


Eddie Perfect goes to Broadway

The Australian composer has two musicals – ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘King Kong’ – opening in New York

Image of Julia Holter


A bigger, shinier cage: Julia Holter’s ‘Aviary’

A classically schooled composer seeks shelter from the cacophony of modern life

Still from The Old Man and the Gun

‘The Old Man and the Gun’ and the outlaw Robert Redford

David Lowery’s new film pays too much tribute to the Sundance Kid

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Cover of Killing Commendatore


‘Killing Commendatore’ by Haruki Murakami

Art, music and mystery abound in the Japanese author’s latest novel

Image of Nan Goldin, Nan and Brian in bed, NYC 1983.


‘American Masters’ at the National Gallery of Australia

The best of the US, drawn from Canberra’s own collection

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Getting on in Japan
In light of recent events