November 2017

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The robot race

What does automation mean for the future of jobs?

The robot race
Tablet or toilet?


Tablet or toilet?

How transformative has the computer age really been?

Police, don’t move!

Law and order

Police, don’t move!

Former police officer Timothy Baker goes on trial for murder

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Federal politics

A travesty of process

The same-sex marriage survey sets a dangerous precedent

Spheres of influence


Spheres of influence

Social media is blurring the line between opinion and advertising


Science and technology

Deep space mined

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex keeps an eye on the stars



The Great Southern Reef

What is killing off the kelp forests along Australia’s coast?

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The Vox Owl

Notes from the studio

Robyn Davidson’s ‘Tracks’ vs Harvey Weinstein

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Still from Blade Runner

Ghosts in the machine

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is maddeningly close to a classic

Image of Oliver Sacks


The shape of a generous mind

Oliver Sacks’ brilliant ideas echo on through ‘The River of Consciousness’

Cover of Radical Technologies


Don’t believe the hype

Adam Greenfield’s ‘Radical Technologies’ is an essential guide to the tech revolution

Image of Drake



The exhausting omnipotence of Drake

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‘The Sparsholt Affair’ by Alan Hollinghurst
Still from The Deuce

‘The Deuce’ (HBO / Foxtel)

David Simon’s new series shines amid the sleaze of the New York porn industry

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Five Stages of Defeat After Believing You Were a Shoo-in
In light of recent events