November 2014


Sense and sensibility

Tanya Plibersek plays it cool

Much obliged

The poor face onerous rules while rich corporations avoid tax with impunity

Outback jihad

How World War One came to Broken Hill

The Nation Reviewed

British politics

One man, one vote

As captain of Team Australia, Tony Abbott has plunged us into war without debate

United Nations

Heavy lifting

Gary Quinlan and Julie Bishop have done Australia proud at the UN Security Council



When the death of an old friend becomes tabloid fodder

Aged care

The mystery bus

Choosing an aged-care home is not easy


Do no harm

Sometimes a doctor can’t help but kill a patient


Arts & Letters


The pencil and the damage done

The perverse attraction of autobiographical fiction

The wife and times

Annabel Crabb’s ‘The Wife Drought’

Music for airports

The long decline of U2

Pecking orders

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s ‘Two Days, One Night’ and Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’


Book review

‘Amnesia’ by Peter Carey

Hamish Hamilton; $32.99

Book review

‘The Golden Age’ by Joan London

Vintage Australia; $32.99

Book review

‘Lila’ by Marilynne Robinson

Virago Press; $29.99