November 2012

The Nation Reviewed

A Matter of Context

Gillard and the press gallery

The Kings and I

Horse racing’s inegalitarian streak

Singo & Gina

The Worker's Party

Round and Round the Garden

WWF’s Yolanda Kakabadse

The Monthly Essays

Great Expectations

Inside Noel Pearson's social experiment

Who Stopped the Music

How Jean Sibelius ran out of notes


Arts & Letters

Meth and Madness

‘Breaking Bad’

Wild Pilgrim

Meeting Ko Un

After the game

Maxine McKew’s ‘Tales from the Political Trenches’ and James Button’s ‘Speechless: A Year In My Father’s Business’

Down from the Hills

Matt Walker’s ‘In Echoes of Dawn’

Volatile Spirits

Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’



Vida Goldstein & Theodore Roosevelt