May 2021



How to lose her voice

On testimonial injustice and the ways women are silenced


From Abbott to Zumbo

A short history of the Coalition’s ‘women problem’

Family and relationships

Ill-informed consent

How piecemeal relationship and sexuality education is failing our schoolchildren

Indigenous Australia

Sole of a nation

The untold Aboriginal history of the R.M. Williams boot

The Nation Reviewed

Law and order

Australia’s number-one law and order issue

Addressing the national scourge of domestic violence

Indigenous Australia

A load of abalone

The trial of Keith Nye highlights how fisheries laws unfairly target Indigenous people


Fish out of mortar

Saving Canowindra’s ancient fish fossils


The Vox Owl

The moment of reckoning

Any addressing of parliament’s abuse, misogyny and sexism must also tackle its racism

Arts & Letters


Mind over meta: ‘No One Is Talking About This’

The debut novel from the extremely online Patricia Lockwood considers how the virtual invades the real


Lodestar: ‘Supernova’

Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth star in Harry Macqueen’s quiet elegy to a loving relationship in its twilight


Always tomorrow: ‘Promises’

Legendary saxophonist Pharoah Sanders joins electronic musician Floating Points and the London Symphony Orchestra for a compositionally minimalist album



‘Second Place’ by Rachel Cusk

After her landmark ‘Outline’ trilogy, the author’s latest novel is inspired by a memoir about D.H. Lawrence in New Mexico


‘Fury’ by Kathryn Heyman

With stripped-down eloquence, the Australian novelist delivers a raging memoir about her rape as a teenager

In Light of Recent Events


A peek over the cartoonist’s shoulder