May 2014



Men of a certain age

What is the cost of propping up Tony Abbott's favourite minority?

Political left

Whatever happened to the working class?

The left has forgotten where it came from

Issues and policies

Guns for hire

The surprising role of Australians in the rise of private security companies

The Nation Reviewed

Knights and the old republic

Tony Abbott's aggressive monarchism

Who is the ordinary reasonable person?

The trouble with repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act


The return of the Tichborne Claimant

A recent play resurrects a 150-year-old case of imposture

Mosquito diplomacy

A plan to stop dengue fever sets off invasion fears in Indonesia


The Vox Owl

At eighty

Forty years of friendship

Arts & Letters

Australian Literature

The 50th anniversary of ‘My Brother Jack’

George Johnston’s classic of Australian war literature

Australian Literature

The return of Elizabeth Harrower’s ‘In Certain Circles’

A long-lost novel sees the light after 40 years


The world’s biggest rock star

Kanye West and ‘Yeezus’


Time and transition in Sophie Hyde’s ‘52 Tuesdays’

A new Australian film poses intriguing questions


Italy and Spain’s artistic exchange

‘Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court’ at the National Gallery of Victoria


Book reviews

Lorrie Moore’s ‘Bark’

Faber; $29.99