May 2013

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Kevin Rudd’s unrelenting campaign to regain power

How Labor changed its view of the deposed PM from party saboteur to potential saviour

Kevin Rudd’s unrelenting campaign to regain power
Peter Sutton at a Wik outstation in 1977: “That period seems a little innocent now”. Photo courtesy of David Martin

Marcia Langton

The Aurukun blues of Peter Sutton

An anthropologist hits the skids in Cape York

Mental disorders are messy amalgams of biology, psychology and culture / ‘The Extraction of the Stone of Madness’ (c.1494), Hieronymus Bosch

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Australia once had death taxes, as they are generally called by their opponents; supporters call them inheritance, estate or bequest taxes © Simon Schluter / Fairfax Syndication

It’s only super till you die

Taxes, death and superannuation


Ayce names in the AFL

The nominal rewards of football

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Misogyny exerts a force on all our lives: Prime Minister Gillard with Kyle Sandilands © Sam Mooy/Newspix

Hashtag feminism

‘Destroying the Joint’

AFL players Mitch Duncan and Jimmy Bartel dressed as Ricky Nixon and Kim Duthie, October 2011. © David Caird/Newspix


Behind Play

Anna Krien’s ‘Night Games’

Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler leave the Profumo trial hearing, 1963. © Hulton-Deutsch Collection
© Josh Heath
‘The Hunt’ and ‘Spring Breakers’ film review

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‘Burial Rites’, by Hannah Kent, Picador; $32.99
Bruce Springsteen, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, 29 March 2013

Bruce Springsteen Live in Melbourne

Rod Laver Arena, 29 March 2013

‘The Secret River’, Sydney Theatre Company

‘The Secret River’

Sydney Theatre Company

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Words: Shane Maloney | Illustration: Chris Grosz