June 2023

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Federal politics

The year of living cautiously

What do the first 12 months of the Albanese government tell us about its aims, and how should we assess its success?

The year of living cautiously
The coronation, the republic and the voice

Federal politics

The coronation, the republic and the voice

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians is a necessary step towards a republic

When the chips are down

International politics

When the chips are down

Silicon semiconductor production could be the one thing keeping Taiwan safe from a mainland China takeover

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Man stands at pedestrian crossing, Carlton, Melbourne


Taking the long view on COVID

What are the next steps after the parliamentary committee investigation into long COVID?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Federal politics

The budget balance

Compared to the Hawke government’s approach to deficit, how does Jim Chalmers’ new budget stack up?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Heroes and villains

Cancelling Douglas Bader, legendary fighter pilot, World War Two hero and unreconstructed racist

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Reading the mushroom

A walk with ecologist Alison Pouliot exploring the ways fungi up-end our understanding of the natural world


The professor’s last lesson

Sudden clarity during and after the final days in aged care of a neighbour with dementia

Natural born killers

Trailing orcas on a whale hunt off the Ningaloo coast provides a visceral thrill and good news for the ecosystem

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Yougn actors in ‘The Clearing’, with uniform blond hair


Cult viewing: ‘The Clearing’

Elise McCredie’s barely disguised account of Melbourne cult The Family seeks to explore how power is exploited differently by a female leader

National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, Alabama.


Moving towards grief: ‘Ordinary Notes’

Black American scholar Christina Sharpe interrogates the different demands made by guilt and grief when addressing a violent national history

Sean Gunn in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3’


The deep end: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3’ and ‘Infinity Pool’

Comics fan James Gunn delivers the best of Marvel’s overabundance, while Brandon Cronenberg offers a perverse vision of humanity unbound

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Cover of ‘Fat Girl Dancing’


Kris Kneen’s ‘Fat Girl Dancing’

The author recounts the daily tolls of moving through the world in a fat body, with a defiant embrace of diversity

Cover of ‘Anam’


André Dao’s ‘Anam’

The author’s debut novel considers how fiction might intersect with memoir to best tell the story of his grandfather’s imprisonment in Vietnam

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Flowers being watered

‘O remember / In your narrowing dark hours / That more things move / Than blood in the heart’

The poetry that delivered perspective when the author came face to face with a grizzly bear in the wilds of Alaska