June 2021



Australian purgatory

The permanent damage of temporary protection

Law and order

The most hated man

On the sentencing of Richard Pusey for outraging public decency

The Nation Reviewed

Federal politics

Ignoring the gap

The budget shows that the government is not interested in lifting women out of poverty

Asylum seekers

Land of the free

A group of Australian expats is helping Nauru and Manus refugees start new lives in the US

Science and technology

Countdown to iBlastoids

Breakthroughs in embryo science may lead to replacement human organs, if we can agree on the ethics



Once a male-heavy sport contested by dynastic families, competitive woodchopping is increasingly attracting strong women

Arts & Letters


Boston and Japan: ‘French Impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’

What connects Boston’s peerless collections of French Impressionism and historic Japanese art and design?


Like no actor ever: ‘My Name Is Gulpilil’

Molly Reynolds’s beautiful documentary is a fitting tribute to David Gulpilil, at the end of his singular life


Grand designs: ‘Real Estate’

Deborah Levy’s latest ‘living autobiography’ finds her travelling and contemplating home, family and art’s revolutionary potential


More than a feeling: ‘New Long Leg’

The deadpan spoken-word vocals of British post-punk band Dry Cleaning are the mesmeric expression of online consciousness


The Properties of Water

Poetry from the late Kate Jennings



‘Secrets of Happiness’ by Joan Silber

The American author’s Austenesque latest novel, a collage of short stories, traces the common pursuit of happiness through love and money


‘Building for Hope’ by Marwa al-Sabouni

The Syrian architect and writer makes a case for war being a consequence of modern architecture destroying the social fabric