June 2020

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The screens that ate school

What do we really know about the growing presence of Google, Apple, Microsoft and more in the education system?

The screens that ate school
The Aquarian ‘terrorist’

Law and order

The Aquarian ‘terrorist’

George Dickson’s minor act of rebellion, and the state’s major overreach

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Bondi Beach, May 2020

Federal politics

The new tyranny of distance

Facing a historic isolation of a different kind, what next for our migrant nation?

Illustration by Jeff Fisher

Religion and ethics

The last word on George Pell

The royal commission’s damning verdict on what Pell knew about child sexual abuse in the Church

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Tour de forced cancellations

How Port Douglas, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree, has been quieted by lockdown

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Wage deals on wheels

Delivering your dinner for half the minimum wage

Illustration by Jeff Fisher


Call for submissions

Hands-off operations for sex-work dungeons in the time of COVID

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Photograph of Malcolm Turnbull


Surrounded by pygmies: Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘A Bigger Picture’

The former PM’s memoir fails to reckon with his fatal belief that all Australians shared his vision

Still from ‘The Assistant’


Her too: ‘The Assistant’

Melbourne-born, New York–based filmmaker Kitty Green’s powerfully underplayed portrait of Hollywood’s abusive culture

Photograph of Dua Lipa


Snap-back: Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’

The British singer’s serendipitous album delivers shining pop with a reigning attitude of fortitude

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Cover of ‘The Trials of Portnoy’


‘The Trials of Portnoy’ by Patrick Mullins

The finely detailed story of the legal fight in Australia against the censorship of Philip Roth’s ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’

Cover of ‘The End of October’


‘The End of October’ by Lawrence Wright

A ‘New Yorker’ journalist’s eerily prescient novel about public-health officials fighting a runaway pandemic

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The world according to @CraigDark2Light, influential conspiracy theorist and recent anti-lockdown campaigner.
In light of recent events