June 2019

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The Morrison election: What we know now

Why did low-income voters turn to the Coalition while wealthy urbanites voted Labor?

The Morrison election: What we know now
Family feud

Federal politics

Family feud

A firsthand view of the nation’s new political faultlines

The lie of ‘responsible gambling’


The lie of ‘responsible gambling’

Australia’s world-beating gambling addiction and the deception hiding it

The case of the bouncy castle bombings

Law and order

The case of the bouncy castle bombings

An arson spree and a missing party-hire boss

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Illustration by Jeff Fisher

2019 election: The shock of the new normal

Why Morrison’s victory shouldn’t have surprised the major parties


Law and order

Hate speech isn’t freedom of speech

Australia’s debate over free speech online must go beyond Israel Folau



Aged care in crisis

Stories of neglect and abuse from the royal commission



At home in the Antarctic

The screenwriters living with the crew of Mawson station

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The Vox Owl

Vanishing voices

The cultural damage of homogenising language

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Cover image of Underland by Robert Macfarlane


The chthonic realms explored in Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Underland’

Cave systems, mines, urban sewers, mycelial networks, moulins and more

Still image from 'High Life'


A master’s misstep: Claire Denis’ ‘High Life’

The French auteur chooses a sci-fi film to start over-explaining things

Photo of Blackpink at Coachella


Seoul trained: K-pop and Blackpink

Trying to find meaning in the carefully formulated culture of K-pop

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Cover image of 'Animalia' by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo


‘Animalia’ by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo

The French author delivers a pastoral that turns on human cruelty

‘The Essential Duchamp’ at the Art Gallery of NSW


‘The Essential Duchamp’ at the Art Gallery of NSW

A comprehensive exhibition of the 20th century’s most influential artist

Still image from ‘Assembly’ by Angelica Mesiti


‘Assembly’ by Angelica Mesiti at Venice Biennale

The democratic ideal is explored in the Australian Pavilion’s video installation

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An alternative cinematic universe very much like our own
In light of recent events