June 2018



June 2018

A pack of bankers

Hotel Golf


Hotel Golf

Helen Garner on life, anger and judgement

The Monthly Essays

Hotel Golf

Helen Garner on life, anger and judgement

An unnatural disaster for the Rohingya

Myanmar’s systematic attack on its own people has been ignored for too long

The Nation Reviewed

A pack of bankers

The financial services royal commission has revealed more than anyone banked on

When planetary catastrophe is your day job

Climate scientists are working hard to keep the apocalypse relevant

Curing Clarksdale’s blues

A music-loving Melbourne economist is revitalising a Mississippi town

Australia’s first body farm

People are dying to get into this forensic research facility

Walking the Wukalina Walk

A new four-day tour in Tasmania is owned and guided by Aboriginal people


A very early retirement

One man’s pursuit of a life without work

Advice for writing

The great authors offer words of wisdom

Arts & Letters


A song cycle in 5 parts

The Cure’s permanent twilight

Robert Smith and co. are celebrating 40 years of the band. Why do they still inspire such love?

The elevated horror of Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’

This debut feature will test the mettle of even the most hardened genre fans


‘Axiomatic’ by Maria Tumarkin This collection of bracing essays interrogates how we view the past By Helen Elliott

‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ at the Art Gallery of New South Wales Six exquisite tapestries form one of the great works of medieval art By Julie Ewington

In Light of Recent Events

Faking it