June 2014



June 2014

Sugar town

The end of secrets

Sugar town

Have we lost control of what we eat?

The Monthly Essays

Sugar town

Have we lost control of what we eat?

The people versus the political class

The distance between us and our rulers is getting bigger

The end of secrets

Privacy is fast becoming a quaint old-fashioned thing

The Nation Reviewed

Clive Palmer the trickster

The Palmer United Party are anti-politics wildcards in Parliament

Nuclear waste at Muckaty

A trip to the site of a proposed nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory

An Aussie bullfighter in Spain

In the 1960s, Sydneysider Chris Meagher was a torero known as “El Australiano”

Names of the game

A singular analysis of AFL players’ names



Love, death and the Serbian flag



Medicine and the mind-body problem

What is sickness, and how much of it is in our heads?


Arts & Letters

‘Reformation’ at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

Judith Neilson’s groundbreaking collection of contemporary Chinese art

A century and a half of Richard Strauss

A look back at the last of the great Romantic composers

Sex and sadness in HTRK’s ‘Psychic 9–5 Club’

The Melbourne band's new album owes as much to tragedy as to the clubs of London and Berlin

The beautiful cliches of David Michôd’s ‘The Rover’

A very, very good director has made a pretty ordinary film



Mark Oliphant & J Robert Oppenheimer