June 2013



June 2013

Man united

Senator Assange?

The cost of coal

The Monthly Essays

Senator Assange?

How the WikiLeaks founder’s Senate bid would change Australian politics

The cost of coal

The great Australian export is causing global damage

Rethinking Indonesia

Australia needs a new perspective on its northern neighbour

Joel Edgerton after Gatsby

The actor’s 20-year flirtation with fame

The Nation Reviewed

L-plate parliamentarians

The trouble with inexperienced ministers

Man united

Clive Palmer and his Palmer United Party

The eucalypt invasion of Portugal

Some Australians in Europe have overstayed their welcome

Dealing with online drug shopping

Travels on the internet’s Silk Road

The world according to Christopher Pyne

How the Liberal frontbencher puts up with himself

Villawood’s bad neighbour problem

Living next to an immigration detention centre


Eve teasing in India

When a blessing is not a blessing


Arts & Letters

Tiptoeing beyond tulips with Nederlands Dans Theater

The dance company redefines an art form

The queen of not-nice: Janet Malcolm’s ‘Forty-one False Starts’

The latest collection of writing from the New Journalism doyenne

The twee, derivative stylings of Mumford & Sons

Oh brother, it’s the rise of ‘hipster hick’


‘Mix Tape 1980s’ at the National Gallery of Victoria Ian Potter Centre, Melbourne, until September 1, 2013 By Ashley Crawford


Squizzy Taylor & Snowy Cutmore